Quick Pesto Pasta

This is the perfect cheesy Italian comfort food for a busy night when you only have 10 minutes to make dinner. The sauce is a little expensive but when you consider that you’re only spending about $7 on a meal for two with leftovers it’s not so bad. You could always use a less expensive store-bought pesto, or better yet make your own fresh. I would love to try making the pesto fresh sometime, but some of us are plant-killers who can’t keep the variety of herbs alive long enough to make fresh. I think that I am destined to rely on pre-made pesto for the time being.


  • 1 Package Bowtie Pasta
  • Buitoni Basil Pesto ( I use Reduced Fat sometimes to save calories, but it’s not quite the same)
  • Toasted Pine Nuts
  • Grated Parmesan Cheese


Cook pasta according to package directions.
Drain pasta.
Mix in Buitoni Basil Pesto (or pesto of your choice)
Stir in toasted pine nuts.
Sprinkle with fresh grated parmesan.

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