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Hi! Thanks for stopping by to learn a little bit more about Moore Cookin’. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions we receive. If you have any questions that you don’t see below, please send us an email at: moorecookin@gmail.com.

Before we dive in to the FAQ, Iet’s take a minute to review our Common Courtesy Comment Policy.

We love hearing from our readers and welcome open discussions and constructive criticism. We do not, however, tolerate comments that are meant to tear down or are unnecessarily mean.

Bottom line: In the words of Thumper, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” Thanks!

Now, on to the fun…


How did you meet?

Our story starts way back in middle school when we were in the same band class, but we really don’t remember each other before sophomore year Biology class in high school. We were in the same circle of friends throughout high school but never really gave each other a second thought until the summer after we graduated.vanessa kyle beginningWhat started out as friends educating each other on the movies, music, video games, etc that we thought the other had missed out on in their childhood quickly turned into cheesy love (and made us wonder why we missed it standing right in front of us for all that time). We dated throughout college and were married the day after our 4 year date-iversary in Houston Texas. Years later and we are still going strong and loving life together.


What made you want to start a food blog?

Little known fact: Our first food blog was titled NewlyMoore Cooking.

About a year into our marriage (2009), I was laid off from my first job out of college. We were terrified. Money was tight, but I suddenly found myself with more time than I knew what to do with. Kyle and I were just starting to move away from our Hamburger Helper and Pasta Roni days (no shame), but were still very much newbies to the cooking world. In those early days we always had a frozen pizza on hand when we were going to attempt a new recipe (happy to say we now have a little more faith in our cooking skills).

I had been following a number of food blogs regularly for years and decided to try blogging to document our journey. I devoted any time that I wasn’t job-hunting to cooking, baking, and figuring out this whole food photography thing. Kyle quickly jumped on board and the blog was simply an easy way to record our successes. We were incredibly blessed that I was hired only a month later, but we had already been bitten by the food blog bug and we haven’t looked back.

In 2011, we finally had to accept that we could no longer claim our newlywed status and the blog became Moore Cookin’.


Can I use one of your photos on my blog?

We would rather you try the recipe for yourself and take a picture of your own creation to share with your readers. If that isn’t an option and you really want to use one of our photos, we do make exceptions on occasion. Please contact us at moorecookin@gmail.com before hand to receive approval and always cite the photo source appropriately.


Can I pin your posts on Pinterest?

Absolutely! We’ve even added a convenient Pin It button to images on each recipe post. I am a huge fan of Pinterest and love being a part of the fun community of sharing that it has become.

Tip: Make sure that you are linking to a specific post (not the homepage). That way when you try to come back to a specific recipe you won’t have to dig through the whole site to find what you’re looking for.


Can I share a Moore Cookin’ recipe on my blog?

Please do! We love finding and trying recipes from various blogs, cookbooks, magazines, etc. that we stumble upon. Just make sure to appropriately cite the source that the recipe came from and link back to the recipe post on MooreCookin.com.


Would you like to review a product or host a giveaway on your blog?

If you have a product that is relevant to our readers or you think we would enjoy, please email us at moorecookin@gmail.com.

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