Things I’m Lovin’ – January 2013

Just a few things that I’m loving so far this year…

Things I'm Loving_January 2013

1) My new Crate n Barrel Cookbook Stand (a Christmas gift from the hubby): Nice to save those library cookbooks from the splatter and mess that will inevitably be made when we are cooking together in the kitchen.

2) Hot Chocolate: It’s cold in Boston right now and as a born and raised Texan I am learning to appreciate some hot drinks after all. I still have to wait until their lukewarm and down them before they turn cold. It’s progress…

3) Chocolate Bearpaw Boots: I don’t know how my feet would survive without the warmth of my Bearpaws. Another Christmas gift this year and I now own these in black and chocolate brown. I plan on living in these for the next couple months.

4) Loreal Sweet Nothings Nail Polish: My new favorite shade.

5) Artichoke Kitchen Towel from Crate n Barrel: My oven handle was looking lonely after all the holiday towels went away. Enter this adorable artichoke towel…Love it!!

6) Mary Tyler Moore: It may be odd for someone in their 20’s to say the following, but The Mary Tyler Moore Show is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I’ve decided to start watching the series from the beginning this year.

7)Crabtree and Evelyn Citron Hand Therapy: Winter can be tough on skin and I am in love with this lotion. I enjoyed a sample from a hotel in California during our big Thanksgiving trip last year and knew I’d have to invest in buying my own.

8)Vintage Flatware Apron from Sur La Table: Merry Christmas to myself! Finally found a cute, functional apron.

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