How I’ll Remember Summer 2023

This summer will surely go down as one of the craziest seasons for our family. The last week in May (on his birthday), Kyle verbally accepted a job offer from a university in Texas that would allow us to live in the same town as my parents.

Within a week we were meeting with realtors, frantically completing home projects to get our house ready to show and moving most of our things to storage. In 2-3 weeks our house was formally on the market and being shown, while we did our best to create the illusion that our family of five wasn’t also living there. It was exhausting.

The house went under contract within 2 weeks and only 2 months after accepting the job offer, we had sold our home and purchased a 1980s home in need of some serious love and updates.

We are currently still living out of suitcases at my parents house and not able to move into our home quite yet, but we are getting sooo close! Phase 1 of renovation is in full swing. All of the popcorn ceilings and crazy rough textured walls have been scraped and painted and our kitchen has been completely ripped out.

We can’t wait for the visions to finally be coming to life and to experience the fun part of this journey. Our family is so ready to start building a home and making memories together here in Texas.

We hope you’ll check back and follow along on our journey as we make Texas our home again after more than a decade. We will also be starting a daunting financial journey of working to save money for future necessary updates (roof, pipes, and electrical…oh my!) and to reach our goal of paying off this home early and experiencing financial freedom.

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