spiced cider and cookies

The Quarantined Life

spiced cider and cookiesSickness has moved in with us for the better part of the past 2+ months. We just can’t seem to shake it no matter how hard we try. Our poor immune systems can’t even get decent recovery time in before they get hit all over again.

We’ve had:

  • 4 ear infections
  • 1 ear tube surgery
  • 2 pinkeye infections for Baby D
  • 1 pinkeye each for Mom & Dad
  • 1 case of hand foot and mouth disease each for Mom & Baby D
  • sinus infections all around
  • too many fevers to count

We’ve had a few bouts of 3-4 days of health here and there that were such a tease, but at least they allowed us the chance cross a few things off our Fall Bucket List.

I was so thankful for the Saturday a couple of weeks ago when the stars aligned and we all felt semi-well at the same time (on a weekend!) and were able to visit a local farm’s pumpkin patch and enjoy all of the Fall festivities. They had a corn maze, a barn full of animals that Baby D instantly fell in love with (especially the little ducklings), and a mule-pulled wagon ride out to a true pumpkin patch to pick out our very own pumpkin straight from the vine.

old baker farm

picking a pumpkin

This past weekend we had planned to host a pumpkin carving party with friends, but you guessed it, sickness struck again. This time the hubby came down with a nasty case of viral pinkeye. So instead of being party people, we stayed home, continued our Harry Potter marathon (we’re determined to get through all of them before Halloween), and finally put up this year’s monster window creation.

halloween monster window 2015

Happy Halloween Week!

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