Shiny New Toy for the Kitchen

Muffin Top PanThanks to my mother-in-law’s generous Amazon gift card Christmas gift, we now have a shiny new muffin top pan to play with. I can’t believe we’re buying more kitchen stuff for our teeny tiny city apartment kitchen that is already crammed full of stuff…but I just can’t help it. I’m so excited to start making everything in little mini-deep dish form. I’m thinking cornbread and blueberry muffin tops, monster-sized cookies, and maybe even an attempt at homemade hamburger buns. Welcome to the family little muffin top pan!


  1. Ooh so fun! I can’t wait to see what you make in that cute little thing 🙂 I am like you, I love to buy new kitchen items. I just can’t help myself 😉

  2. happy baking. your mother-in-law really knows how to choose a great present. You could alsso try preparing some mini-pizzas, not just muffins. With muffin top pans you can make a variety of yummy small treats.

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