The Moore’s Top 10 List for 2014

christmas mantle 2014

Merry Christmas readers! What a crazy year it has been! Here’s our top 10 list of highlights, lowlights, and unforgettable memories from 2014:

10. Unfortunately, our little family of three was involved in a head-on collision the day before Thanksgiving that totaled our car. We were blessed to all come away with no major injuries and had a lot to be thankful for the next day.
9. We’re debt free!!!! After 6 long years we finally made our last payment on our student loans. We may not have much, but we no longer owe anyone anything and it feels amazing!
8. I suffered from an aversion to all things chocolate for five months while pregnant with Baby D. It was horrible, but we did get to try a number of new ice cream flavors (coconut, banana split, etc.).
7. At 34 weeks pregnant, we took a trip to see family in New Jersey and friends in New York City. While in the city we were able to see Pippin on Broadway with the set that the hubby helped build while working for his last theater in Boston. Also, Braxton Hicks contractions in the middle of Times Square are no joke.
6. We decided to take a Babymoon trip in May to visit Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor in Maine. We had an amazing time taking in the breathtaking views at the park, strolling along the waterfront in Bar Harbor, and stuffing ourselves full of fresh blueberry pancakes.
5. After a little over a year of working as an SEO Manager for a great company in Lexington, I temporarily left the working world to stay home with Baby D.
4. In May, the hubby graduated with his Masters of Fine Arts in Technical Production. A degree that was three years in the making.
3. The husband started his job as the Technical Director and a Professor at a school in Alabama.
2. We said goodbye to Boston and moved to Birmingham, Alabama with a 3-week old baby.
1. Baby D was born on July 21, 2014. With blue eyes and wispy blonde hair, he was absolutely perfect and made our little family complete…for now.

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