30 Before 30

30 Before 30

30 Before 30 So…Spoiler Alert: I’ve recently realized that my 30th Birthday is only a year and a half away. Crazy! Aging has honestly never really bothered me. I’ve alway felt older than my age and growing older certainly beats the alternative, right?

Well 30 is inevitably on its way and as a result I’m seeing an influx of 30 Before 30 lists from friends on Facebook, Pinterest and other social media platforms. Seeing everyone’s aspirations has planted a little seed in my mind. These last couple of weeks I have been rolling my own goals for the next year or so over and over in my mind. I’m jumping on board with the 30 Before 30 craze and have compiled my own list below.

  1. Move out of the great state of Texas. Apparently people do live elsewhere…
  2. Visit Europe with my husband.
  3. Take our Second Honeymoon in Costa Rica.
  4. Start (and actually keep) a journal.
  5. Take a cake decorating class.
  6. Go Ziplining.
  7. Read the entire Bible.
  8. Get out of school debt.
  9. Become fluent (or close to it) in French.
  10. Experience motherhood.
  11. Donate blood.
  12. Go see a movie by myself.
  13. Become a returning volunteer for the same organization.
  14. Go camping.
  15. Shoot a gun.
  16. Be able to run a 5K.
  17. Take my son to Disney World.
  18. Do something that terrifies me.
  19. Leave $100 tip at a restaurant.
  20. Learn a dance with the husband.
  21. Master the art of baking bread from scratch.
  22. Get certified in CPR.
  23. Establish a real, grown-up skincare and makeup routine.
  24. Invest something in the stock market.
  25. Take up yoga (even if it’s only with DVDs at home).
  26. Paint a work of art that I would actually want to hang in our house.
  27. Spend $100+ on a purse or statement piece.
  28. Take a week off from the Internet and TV. Totally unplug.
  29. Buy our first house.
  30. End my twenties with no regrets.

I have already tackled a few of these, which I will cover in an upcoming post. And although this blog’s main focus will continue to be on food, I will be posting a few updates as I go on my own little journey to 30.

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