Crockpot Taco Soup

taco soup

Before moving to Boston I never had to plan meals around the season and whether or not a dish required turning on the oven…but oh how the times have changed. Back in April or May of this year I began frantically searching for no bake recipes to enjoy during the summer. Keeping the house as cool as possible quickly becomes priority numero uno each summer.

Thankfully a close friend passed along this recipe for crockpot taco soup and it became an instant hit in our house. It has a little heat to it, but if you like spice give this recipe a try! Continue reading “Crockpot Taco Soup” »

Caprese Sandwich

Caprese Sandwich

I’ve always loved ordering a fresh caprese sandwich during the summer. For some reason it has never occurred to me to attempt making this deliciously simple sandwich myself. That all changed this afternoon after a quick trip to the grocery store. This sandwich totally satisfied my caprese craving at a fraction of the cost I would normally pay at a deli or restaurant. We will definitely be making these again the next time we have fresh mozzarella on hand. Who knows maybe next time we will try one of those make your own mozzarella recipes that have been floating around Pinterest lately. Mmm…how can you ever go wrong with fresh mozzarella? Continue reading “Caprese Sandwich” »

Cheesy Chicken Alfredo Bake

cheesy chicken alfredo bake

Okay…so this one of those horrible for you, super comfort food dinners that you just have to give into every once in a while. Is it healthy? No way. Does it have a lot of pre-packaged ingredients? Yep. But it is SO good.

My mom made this every once in a while growing up and it was always a favorite of mine. After Kyle and I got married this was one of the first successful “home-cooked” meals that we made together (following the recipe on the index card my mom gave me to a tee). We’ve come along way in our cooking since those early days, but this dish will always be a classic comfort food fall-back recipe for our family. Continue reading “Cheesy Chicken Alfredo Bake” »