Things I’m Lovin’ – January 2013

Just a few things that I’m loving so far this year…

Things I'm Loving_January 2013

1) My new Crate n Barrel Cookbook Stand (a Christmas gift from the hubby): Nice to save those library cookbooks from the splatter and mess that will inevitably be made when we are cooking together in the kitchen.

2) Hot Chocolate: It’s cold in Boston right now and as a born and raised Texan I am learning to appreciate some hot drinks after all. I still have to wait until their lukewarm and down them before they turn cold. It’s progress…

3) Chocolate Bearpaw Boots: I don’t know how my feet would survive without the warmth of my Bearpaws. Another Christmas gift this year and I now own these in black and chocolate brown. I plan on living in these for the next couple months.

4) Loreal Sweet Nothings Nail Polish: My new favorite shade.

5) Artichoke Kitchen Towel from Crate n Barrel: My oven handle was looking lonely after all the holiday towels went away. Enter this adorable artichoke towel…Love it!!

6) Mary Tyler Moore: It may be odd for someone in their 20’s to say the following, but The Mary Tyler Moore Show is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I’ve decided to start watching the series from the beginning this year.

7)Crabtree and Evelyn Citron Hand Therapy: Winter can be tough on skin and I am in love with this lotion. I enjoyed a sample from a hotel in California during our big Thanksgiving trip last year and knew I’d have to invest in buying my own.

8)Vintage Flatware Apron from Sur La Table: Merry Christmas to myself! Finally found a cute, functional apron.

Lunch Special: Greek Pita Wrap

 greek pita wraps lunch

I’ve been thinking that there needs to be a new blog category for those occasions when there just isn’t time to set up equipment or there is absolutely no natural light to be found. In other words…posting with bad cell phone photos just has to be good enough sometimes.

This greek pita wrap is one of my favorite lunches to take to work. It just feels so fancy compared to my usual casserole or chicken & veggie leftovers. I don’t take it too often because of the time it takes to assemble in the office break room and the mountain of tupperware containers that have to be cleaned afterward. Go on and treat yourself to this for lunch one day soon. You won’t be sorry…and the dishes will even be worth it. Continue reading “Lunch Special: Greek Pita Wrap” »