Brownie Cherry Cheesecake

Brownie Cherry Cheesecake Recipe

I didn’t really start cooking on a regular basis until we got married, and we have only attempted cheesecake a couple of times. I absolutely love cheesecake and think about making it all the time…but then I think about the time and effort it takes and push it off for another week…or month…or couple of months.

How could I not make this cheesecake…brownies, cheesecake, and cherries together? Irresistible. I ended up making it for a girls night and was amazed at how little time it took (aside from cooking time) to prepare. I haven’t made it since because the leftovers disappear too quickly, but everyone loved it and I’ve been asked for the recipe ever since. I would definitely say that this cheesecake is a hit! Continue reading “Brownie Cherry Cheesecake” »