Homemade Cheez-its

You can find the recipe here on the Home Cooking in Montana blog.
While these were a delicious, homemade alternative to Goldfish, they are ridiculously time consuming if you do not have a full-size food processor. I loved snacking on these the night we made them and then at work for a couple days after, but I will not be rushing back to them anytime soon. I recommend trying these for a fun thing to make sometime because I’m actually very glad I did. I just think that I’ll be sticking to store bought in the future.

Chicken Taquitos

These are by no means your ordinary taquitos. We make these at least once a month and enjoy the leftovers for breakfast and lunch for days. Every time we are preparing the filling for the taquitos we laugh about how unappetizing it looks. What can you expect from mixing ingredients like mexican rice, guacamole, chicken, and salsa in one big bowl? Nevertheless, when it comes to tasting time, these are always delicious.

I really don’t have a solid recipe for these. It’s more of an established process where we end up throwing in what we have on hand. I don’t even have precise measurements for the ingredients…the more you add to the filling bowl, the more taquitos you will have. So consider the ingredient list below as a guide, but don’t hesitate to experiment. Continue reading “Chicken Taquitos” »

Roasted & Salted Chickpeas

While on the hunt for some healthier snack options, I came across roasted chickpeas. You can add virtually any seasoning thinkable to get the perfect flavor to satisfy your current cravings. I pretty much always crave salty over sweet, so I opted for a classic salted chickpea snack.

For someone who has never met a bean that I liked (maybe with the exception of green beans), these were actually pretty tasty snack. I love that I’ve found a crunchy and salty snack to enjoy without all the guilt. I don’t think these would keep well, but they are awesome straight out of the oven. Continue reading “Roasted & Salted Chickpeas” »