Quick Pesto Pasta

This is the perfect cheesy Italian comfort food for a busy night when you only have 10 minutes to make dinner. The sauce is a little expensive but when you consider that you’re only spending about $7 on a meal for two with leftovers it’s not so bad. You could always use a less expensive store-bought pesto, or better yet make your own fresh. I would love to try making the pesto fresh sometime, but some of us are plant-killers who can’t keep the variety of herbs alive long enough to make fresh. I think that I am destined to rely on pre-made pesto for the time being. Continue reading “Quick Pesto Pasta” »

Mini Frittatas

I think that these delicious mini frittatas are pretty hard to mess up. I love how simple this recipe (from Giada De Laurentiis)¬†is. This is another recipe where the substitution possibilities are endless. I love using turkey and a variety or cheeses. My other favorite combo (shown in the photo) is spinach, parmesan, and mozzarella. These are great for breakfast, a snack, or to take to a brunch. Impressive with minimal effort…gotta love that! Continue reading “Mini Frittatas” »

Cranberry Orange Baked Donuts

A friend gave me a donut pan for Christmas, and I’ve been dying to have a reason to use it. These cranberry orange cake-like donuts were the first of many donut experiments to come. This recipe came from¬†McCormick’s Holiday Feast & Holiday Sweets pamphlet that I picked up at the grocery store over a year ago. The recipe is meant to be for a loaf, but isn’t just more fun to make donuts? Continue reading “Cranberry Orange Baked Donuts” »