Shiny New Toy for the Kitchen

Muffin Top PanThanks to my mother-in-law’s generous Amazon gift card Christmas gift, we now have a shiny new muffin top pan to play with. I can’t believe we’re buying more kitchen stuff for our teeny tiny city apartment kitchen that is already crammed full of stuff…but I just can’t help it. I’m so excited to start making everything in little mini-deep dish form. I’m thinking cornbread and blueberry muffin tops, monster-sized cookies, and maybe even an attempt at homemade hamburger buns. Welcome to the family little muffin top pan!

The Crazy Life and A New Beginning

So I started this snazzy food blog, was super excited about it…and then life happened. After quitting my old day job, starting a new one remotely from home, dealing with two extremely sad deaths in the family, and moving from Austin, TX to Boston, MA this past week, I’m ready to start posting again.

Get ready for our new adventures enjoying amazing food in and around Boston while also learning to cook in a kitchen that is almost smaller than our last closet in Texas.