Focaccia Pizzas

Focaccia Pizza

We still had a couple of slices of the ah-mazing focaccia bread from Clear Flour after making the basil garlic bread the other night and were in need of an easy lunch for work the next. Enter these easy and super tasty little Focaccia Pizzas. We decided to mix it up and have a couple types–margherita and spinach, tomato, cheese on pesto. Both were delicious, but I think it was the pesto pizza that won over our taste buds.


  • Focaccia Bread
  • Sauce (Marinara, Pesto, Alfredo…whatever your heart desires)
  • Cheese
  • Toppings


Use the focaccia bread as your crust.
Add sauce and desired toppings.

One thought on “Focaccia Pizzas

  1. Mmmmmmmm Focaccia Bread. And pizza will never (ever) get old to me. I love it. This is a great idea for a quick and easy pizza!

    Rachael Reply

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